25 comments on “Bass Fishing tips catch more bass on frogs

  1. Why? Not like there are a lot of 30 lbs bass anywhere! You’d use that
    larger lb line to be able to pull that fish out of heavy coverage, right?

  2. I do like the snagproof bleeding frog but I like the ishs phat frog alot
    better. I walk better than any frog and it doesn’t fill up with water. 30
    lb braid is strong and maybe all u guys who use it never broke a fish off
    yet but when u do hook a 7lb bass and he breaks u off you’ll wish u woulda
    listened. Learn the hard way, as long as u learn.

  3. If it helps anyone you should try to cast on the bank and jump it in the
    water it would be even better to jump it on patch of moss and walk it on
    top of that

  4. @golfer15963 the zero stretch charictoristic of braid makes it so if you
    pitch the bait hard and your reel locks up the sudden stop will often just
    break 30lb and send your bait flying into the water while 50 or higher will
    not throw your bait

  5. @johnnythunderbass 30 pound test has a breaking strength of close to 80
    pounds. Braid is stronger than it’s labeled test weight.

  6. i do agree with you, and johnnythunderbass, you’re right it can get stiff
    sometimes but it’s still good for getting into weeds because if you may
    were to hook multiple weeds or a stick and it gets stuck in the weeds,
    you’ll be good with 50-80 pound test line. although i do agree with you
    because using to heavy of line may break the rod, i think 20-40 pound test
    would be fine for that kind of fishing, that’s what i’d use in really heavy

  7. nice video! thanks. i have a general question not directed at you but if
    you could give me your thoughts id appreciate it. “if you skip a bait under
    a dock/boat/w.e and have a bite, how do you go about setting the hook?” my
    only concern here is if i have a fish hit my bait i dont want to set the
    hook and have my line fray and weaken from rubbing against the dock or boat.

  8. @Sleytownmafia hahahaha I know i’ve seen CRFmxracer on other vids to same
    with layschips

  9. I get so many bites with the Strike king sexy frog but I can not set the
    damn hooks…. the Bass just spit it right out =/

  10. @orionclayton94 that has happened to me a few times since im still a
    learner baitcaster but my braid has never snaped even whe i cast it hard
    out to 30 yeards and such and the line stops imidiately and it has never
    snaped on me yet…. even casting my 4-5 inch swimbaits and get backlash
    and the line stops in midair the line has not snaped feels like my reel
    would flyoff before my line would snap!


  12. @johnnythunderbass just be quiet dude pros run that heavy of a line because
    their career depends on getting the fish in the boat even 15 lb braid is
    fine i have pulled in hundreds and hundreds of bass in on 15 and 20.
    actually mono gves the lure more freedom to walk but braid resists the
    water keeps it afloat better and has no stretch for good strong hook sets
    just saying. and i do plenty of frog fishing a lot actually a good 8 months
    out of the year believe i know a thing or two

  13. @pikefisherman3 cool I know your thumb has to be pretty ripped up from
    unhooking that man bass.

  14. @golfer15963 I dont even go above 30# powerpro in the surf. all my surf
    setups are spooled with 30lb braid. even casting up to 6oz lead ive never
    had problem either. braid is tough shit!

  15. i fish light like that as well but the truth is me and my buddies are
    losing fish . im guna switch

  16. try booyahs frogs nice and soft(but keep some super glue after 2 4lbers got
    a rip in the belly) only cost 6$ ($6.40 estimated tax) i have tried the
    Matzou popper frog and they are Ps.O.S. just got a KVD frog 8$ will see how
    it does….i am not paided for fishing just a bass man on a budget..as far
    as color depends on your fishing hole(s) water clarity alot say a white or
    white yellowish belly is universal so get a few colors
    black,white,yellow,brown and find what works best

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