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Obtain more eggs recipes


It is scientifically proved that eggs contain huge amount of protein which incidentally builds muscles, bones, skin, cartilage and blood. Protein is essentially used by the body to repair and build muscle tissues and are instrumental in producing hormones, enzymes and other useful chemicals. Including them in your diet would render you with a healthy clean skin and muscles.

Our body does not store protein the way it does with carbohydrates and fats. So there is no storage for protein when the body needs and that makes the eggs a smart food option. Since the body does not store the protein the body would not gain weight like it does with the other two elements thus making it a better food choice that would promote weight loss.

Eggs contain the essential nutrient of Vitamin B2 or riboflavin in abundance. This vitamin is water soluble and participates in an important metabolic process of the body that is related to cell growth, function and energy generation.  The yolk of the egg is a rich resource of calcium, phosphorous, iron and lecithin and several vitamins such as A and B. It mainly consists of fat with the rate of 1.33 mg cholesterol for every 100gms, but moderation consumption of the yolk can prove to be beneficial for you.

Use different egg recipes so that you don’t get bored with eating the same kind of egg preparation. Eggs can be consumed in many forms and some of them are boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side up and many other methods. Eggs are suitable replacements for meat you can use them to reduce weight. There are more body building benefits with eggs so using a diet plan enriched with eggs can give you all round cell development in your body which eventually would result in a beautiful body.